Kiran Kumar

Founding Member and Chief Sales Officer

Kiran Kumar is the Founding Member and Chief Sales Officer at PeopleStrong. A believer in challenging conventional wisdom, charting new paths and envisaging innovative solutions, Kiran is an entrepreneur to the core. Embarking on this exciting journey of creation in 2006, he has been part of the founding team at PeopleStrong and has managed multiple aspects of business including Transitions and Business Development. He was instrumental in setting up and developing one of the largest markets for PeopleStrong through the commissioning of the Mumbai Office in 2008.

As Chief Sales Officer of PeopleStrong, he provides leadership, direction, and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales function. He is accountable for the overall sales organization performance, the profitable achievement of sales organization goals, and for aligning sales objectives with the company’s business strategy. Under Kiran’s leadership, PeopleStrong has grown to become the fastest growing HR Solutions company from India. Kiran is the proud recipient of PeopleStrong’s highest honor, the Purple Crown, for creating organizational impact by leading PeopleStrong’s Sales Warriors from the front.

Kiran believes that technology in the near future will enable HR to manifest in new dimensions with innovative solutions. Mobile Apps and Data as a Service will be leading the way, as the next gen HR solutions are designed keeping the user at the center.

Prior to PeopleStrong, Kiran was a part of Aricent’s corporate HR team, where he played a pivotal role in SAP implementation and other HRIT related initiatives in this role. Kiran frequently speaks at various national forums on wider HR management subjects including Entrepreneurship, HR technology, analytics and data as a service. He also writes on these topics and his articles are covered in leading HR and Business media.

He is a double graduate from IMM, New Delhi and holds an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai. He is an avid cricket fan and shows keen interest in spiritual conversations. Kiran resides in Bangalore with his wife.

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