Devashish Sharma

Founding Member and Chief – Strategic Accounts & Alliances

Devashish Sharma is the Founding Member and Chief – Strategic Accounts & Alliances at PeopleStrong. He is responsible for ensuring customer success and managing customer and partner alliances as per the company’s vision and goals. The Business Excellence and Human Resources functions also roll up to him. Devashish also works very closely with the CEO to drive the investment agenda for PeopleStrong.

Devashish is a strong advocate of using technology and data driven decision making in HR. Under his leadership, PeopleStrong has not only been able to create digital success stories for 175+ multinational and Indian customers, but has also adopted cutting edge people practices for PeopleStrong employees as well. Prior to this role, Devashish has held various key positions at PeopleStrong. He was the Chief People Officer at PeopleStrong where he was responsible for driving the company’s people agenda. He also worked as the Chief Operating Officer at PeopleStrong, where he focused on ensuring the delivery of cutting edge HR solutions to customers and managing the overall P&L. Devashish is also the recipient of the ‘Purple Crown Award’, People Strong’s highest award for driving impactful change, that led the company to one of its highest growth trajectories so far.

Devashish brings in over 23 years of experience in managing the overall functioning of business process outsourcing (BPO). Prior to PeopleStrong, Devashish headed his entrepreneurial venture called JustFares India. He started his career with Lufthansa’s captive center in India, where he was instrumental in transitioning multiple global operational processes.

Devashish holds an MBA in Human Resources from NMIMS, Mumbai, and a Masters in Aviation Management from IATA’s Management Institute in Geneva. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry from Delhi University. He is a frequent speaker in many national forums on skill development and linking India’s young talent with jobs. He is a member of the ‘White Light forum’, a Gurgaon-based association that aims to inspire self-awareness among entrepreneurs and also empowers them to explore their spiritual energy. An avid listener of Indian classical music, Devashish lives in New Delhi with his wife and son.

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