Ensure a Productive Day-One because the First Experience Matters

Everything the New Joinee Needs to Know
When one joins a new organization, the biggest information one needs to know are the role details and description and the kind of ecosystem he/she would work with. With Alt Worklife Onboarding Module, one can onboard new employees with personalized, required learning content that is defined for each career path. This content is accessible from a single screen. What’s more, is you can assign them a buddy to make their transition into the new environment seamless.

Hassle-free Onboarding
The Onboarding Module reduces the hassle of multiple levels of onboarding formalities both pre and post joining. Be it be pre-joining forms or a few pieces of training and documentation. Get it all in one place and reduce the boring part of the onboarding process to 30 minutes or less.

Configured for The Brand
Introduce the Company’s Brand to new employees , even before they join through an onboarding portal configured just for you. Be it the brand colors, pictures or anything specific to the corporate, that the new employee will need for induction, now with Alt Worklife get it all in one place.

Seamless Transition from Candidate to Employee
Experience the true power of a connected system that will ensure a seamless transition of a candidate to an employee without any information loss. Not just that, Alt Worklife helps the new joinee with an onboarding pass to make sure they have everything they need on their Day One.