Leave Management

Simplify Leave Management
Applying for leave should be as breezy as the vacation you are planning to take. Alt Worklife covers everything your organization needs starting from creating leave requests, reviewing leave balance, adding comments, submitting requests and finally multi-level approvals by the management.

Leave, Just a click away
Alt Worklife’s leave management module lets employees apply and has the reporting manager approve leaves, in a single click on web, Android, and iOS devices.

Proxy Leaves
This functionality allows a manager to apply for leaves on behalf of the team members enabling an extremely important option in case of need.

Connected data
Alt Worklife collaborates leave management data with related functions such as payroll, Core HR, business-related expense providing an overall view of each employee’s organization activity.

Configured as you need
Alt Worklife initiates a faster and easier leave approval mechanism by implementing automated workflows which reminds the managers to take required action on such requests. Also, Alt Worklife configures any leave types or rules that are unique to the organization.

Manager’s View
A single place for managers to view all their direct reports’ leave and shift related data.  What’s more, is that the reporting manager can approve the entire team’s leaves on the go and in bulk.

Manage Leaves Through Conversations
Be it checking leave balance, applying leaves or approving them, get it all done through conversations thanks to Jinie’s conversational interface.